Fernando Silva is our renowned in house trainer and is also the owner of the facility. Fernando’s friends, family and clients alike would describe him as passionate and committed to all aspects of his life. His love of dogs and respect for animals was nurtured from an early age growing up on the family farm in Brazil.

The only thing that may supersede his love for his dogs is his love for his family. He is the middle son and brother to family still residing in Brazil and the proud father of two outstanding children – Isabella and Tiago.

Fernando is a true believer in community. He has coached both his son and daughter in soccer – having been a coach for 8 years and counting in Kamloops. He believes in buying local – supporting and helping local businesses and charities. He has helped countless dogs that were given up on by everyone else. Many were suggested to be put down and yet with Fernando’s love and expertise – healed and evolved to be re-homed to loving homes throughout the province. 



Convinced that this was his true calling – Fernando enrolled and graduated from a two year program at A.B.C – the Animal Behaviour College. These years were spent understanding the aspects and benefits of positive training techniques.
It was the combination of the above passions and attributes that led to the moniker “The Brazilian Dog Guru”.

Peers, clients and friends saw the remarkable results that often happened almost overnight – and were amazed. It started with a tongue in cheek idea – and now has become a name known all over Canada and the US for the real results attained. The Brazilian Dog Guru is for real – and we are so proud to have him as our own.



Unique – yet almost perfect was Fernando’s circuitous path in opening The Brazilian Dog Guru Facility. His early professional career included stints at a variety of Club Med locations around the world. His responsibilities were as varied as supervising dozens of young children on holidays to learn a variety of sporting skills – archery – sailing and the like – to being responsible for dignitaries and celebrities who visited. These years gained him insight into the human psyche – connecting with people from all over the world. He is at ease with all clients of all ages from all backgrounds.

His earliest memory of wanting to become a dog trainer was about the age of 15. Having had dogs as pets in his youth... once in Canada, Fernando started to train and compete in Gun Dog competitions and trials with his beloved Labrador Troy. It was here that he learned the proper techniques for check chains and e-collars.