Jonathan R.

Just do it!!!

Super impressed with my ten month old lab after three weeks with Fernando. If anyone is considering it. Just do it!!!

Brock N.

set for success

What sets [Fernando and Someday Training Academy] ahead of many other training facilities (in my opinion) is the fact that they place importance in having the dog owner also get training... not just the dog! We now have a dog that is much easier to live with and we have the tools to carry on where Fernando left off.

Rebecca S.

real world training

He had his first visit to the farmers market yesterday - not a growl or a hair stood up on his back. You completely changed our dog and we will always be grateful for what we thought would be impossible. Ernie was fine with other dogs but vicious to any human who crossed his path. He just gives cuddles now!!

Lois S.

group classes

 I'm participating in group classes and Fernando has a special connection with all the dogs and has a wealth of knowledge for the owner/dog relationship. Fernando has helped me deal with my golden's attitude which will give Kody a happier dog life. Thanks Fernando
Suzanne L.

Highly recommended

I'd highly recommend ... Fernando for excellent training. Tough behaviour, big dogs or just obedience, we've had great results with both of our dogs.

Shannon K.
family support

Kane, my 6 month old rotti stayed 3 weeks and is now a perfect gentleman. Fernando taught my family how to be strong leaders for a rottweiler and now Kane listens to my youngest daughter.

Mia D.

off leash success

Fernando Silva ... has an innate ability to understand dogs of all demeanours and temperaments. I brought my husky, Lulu because she only listened when she wanted to, which meant she didn't listen to me at all. We have three dogs at home and I wanted to be able to connect with her so that she can run around outside and be a free/happy dog and I, a worried dog owner who doesn't constantly have to keep tabs on her. She would go under the fence of our property and wander into the neighbours horse pen. Being a dog who had no experience with horses my main concern was being able to call her and have her come back so that she didn't get hurt. 

​Fernando helped me understand my dog better and taught me how to lead the way. He is very knowledgable and in our classes at the training academy with other dogs/dog owners we worked with a variety of different breeds and concerns. Regardless of whatever the dogs and owners were at the training academy for, we were all able to control our dogs together while doing various exercises past each other. After getting our dog we asked so many husky owners that we knew if they were able to have their dog off leash and none of them felt confident in doing so. I can tell you now that I have a husky that I can trust off leash and live harmoniously with. Thank you very much Fernando Silva, you're every bit of the Brazilian Dog Guru!
Jennifer S.

trust and obedience

I had my dog, Ranger, with Fernando for 24 days. It's amazing to see, what used to be a wild and crazy dog, walking off leash and actually paying attention to me. Not only did he work with Ranger, but he also worked with me and taught me how to control him. I am soooo very proud of my boy!! I would highly recommend and trust Fernando!! Thank you again!!

Sara W.

aggression solved

Absolutely wonderful! Fernando helped me get my dog-aggressive dog under control within 1 session. We can't wait to go back