... I wanted to make myself known and showcase myself and my dog, Troy, so I would go to dog parks and other public places to show other pet owners my training skills. This also gave me the opportunity to see the needs and wants of other dog owners. It made me aware that there were so many struggling with their pets and that I could help them.

Through Gun Dog competitions I was able to learn the proper way to train dogs using check chains and e-collars. HOWEVER, not all dogs need this form of training! So to further my education I enrolled in a 2-year program at an Animal Behaviour College, where I learned many skills for Positive Training techniques.

​I am very knowledgeable in behaviour problems in dogs, such as (but not limited to) fearfulness, aggression, separation anxiety and off leash control.

All dogs and dog owners are different and unique – I believe training should be the same!  I believe all training techniques are important as all dogs are different, and to keep an open mind with regards to what training approach will work best for each individual dog and dog owner!​

"Most people think their dog has some sort of behaviour problem.  Some do! – but most of the time the dog is just in need of guidance and knowing that his owner is his “pack leader.”

Let me teach you to be leader of the pack!"

-Fernando Silva

I am Fernando Silva, The Brazilian Dog Guru.

I was born in Salvador, Brazil. I was fortunate enough to spend time with my father on his farm as a child, and that is where my passion for animals began.

Starting in 2003, I travelled around the world for 7 years working for an international company, and that is when I decided to settle in Canada, start a family, and fulfil my dream of becoming a dog trainer.

Once in Canada, I was in the market to purchase a Labrador Retriever, and because of this I met Linda Cline, owner and dog trainer at Someday Retrievers Dog Boarding and Training Academy.  I purchased a pup from her, and through conversation was able to train with her and learn the art of Gun Dog Training.  I went on to compete with my Labrador, Troy, in competitions, and through this was able to spend time and absorb techniques and skills from all the other trainers around me ...